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💗 Put Your Heart Into It 💗

While taking walks with my husband over the years, I’ve noticed, that my heart rate has always been way higher than his. I get winded way easier than he does. Yes, I know I still have more weight to lose than he does, but that’s not the only reason for the difference. We actually looked back in time, as far as his data would reach, and his heart rate is always a lot lower.

We are walking for exercise. We are not just taking a stroll. It is already hard for me to keep up with his stride, but I’m working on that. I’m focusing on certain stretches that help my ankles and calves. Who would have thought that a foot injury, that needed a six month recovery time, would still be causing me problems thirteen years later. Add in the difference in our heart rates, and it’s a wonder I keep up with him at all. Here’s the data comparison from one of our walks, but they are all like this.

This is from Brian’s Apple Watch. We know there’s not a device that gets 100% accuracy, but we are both using the same device.

Notice how low the average heart rate is and that he never makes it into zone 2.

Here’s the data from my Apple Watch.

My average heart rate is almost double his and I go through all 5 zones.

I don’t even know if this means anything in particular, but it’s just really interesting data. It definitely explains why he’s wanting to talk through the whole walk, and I’m struggling to breathe.

I can say that I am focusing on improving my heart rate during exercise, and it’s working, We are walking a 5k in two weeks. I’m totally expecting to have the slowest time in my age group, but at least I’m doing it. This will be my first official 5k. We did a virtual one last year, but this will be the first timed one. This is one thing that’s made me pay attention to this data a little more.

The other thing that put my focus on this, was watching my mom pass with congestive heart failure. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. The more focus on my heart health, the better.

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This is very interesting data. Looking forward to seeing your numbers improve.

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