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How Much Time Do You Waste?

Is wasting time actually a waste? The current audiobook I am listening to is called "The Mountain Is You". The other day as I was listening to it, there was a part that was talking about self-sabotage. Specifically, it said that a person that always has to stay busy, is usually just busy running from themselves. The author goes on to explain that people stay busy just to keep from having to deal with things within themselves, that probably need to be addressed. Later that day, I was trying to figure out why this stood out to me so much. I think that it's because Brian and I spend so much time in the quiet. Let me explain.

Most people who know us, know that we spend a lot of time in our Miata. It's great riding in a convertible, breathing in the fresh air and letting the wind blow through your hair. We also are very particular about when we take the car out. It usually has to be between 50 and 85 degrees. Cloudy days are good, especially since I get hot so easily. We love Miata rides that require a hoodie. This tends to surprise people.

What also comes as a surprise, is that 90% of the time, the radio doesn't get turned on. It's true. Even when we are in a different car on a longer trip, we hardly ever turn on the radio. If we do listen to something, we have usually chosen a podcast that covers our destination. It's not that we don't love listening to music, because we both really do. It's that we actually enjoy talking to each other. We have lots of different conversations. We really can talk about anything. We take in, and talk about, the scenery. Most of our drives are on back country roads or new territory, and there is so much to see and appreciate in our beautiful country. There are moments where we are laughing uncontrollably, moments where we turn up the jazz and relax or rock out to some 80's hair bands, and there are moments when we ride in silence. Every single one of these moments are therapeutic in some way or another.

Some might say that we are BUSY running on these drives, but you would have to be in the moment to know and appreciate what I'm getting at. These moments are where we have spent many years talking about why we are who we are, and continue to discover new things about ourselves, as we age. This happens both individually and as a couple. These moments have also come around a campfire, or over a simple cup of coffee. Sometimes when life gets too busy, we both tend to need moments like this. I think it's because we both have a true understanding of what not being busy means. It means we continue to grow, work through problems, plan for the future, face grief, appreciate nature and make precious memories, just by living in the moment and doing absolutely nothing. I guess what I'm trying to say is "waste" time more often.

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