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Great Evening for Blues Music

I haven't had this much killer music all in one day in a long time. My best friend, Jay Tyler, and I took an Uber and headed to Louisville.

First we headed to Check's Cafe where the Germantown Schnitzelburg Blues Festival was held. It is an outdoor event. We went to listen to Louisville native, Greg Foresman, and his talented band. Greg Foresman is a musician who has proven himself to be versatile, talented, and passionate about his craft. He has played with some of the best in the business while also carving out his own niche as a singer-songwriter. He has explored various genres and styles while staying true to his roots. He is a sideman who has become a frontman. We check Greg out any time he plays in Louisville.

Check out our YouTube Channel and the Playlist for this awesome evening of blues music.


Once Greg Foresman finished his set we moved onto our next blues music venue, Stevie Ray's Blues Bar, to catch a band new to us. The band is the Chris Canas Band out of Michigan. They are a powerful, high-energy trio that blends blues, funk, rock, and soul into a captivating musical experience. Chris Canas Band is a band that is passionate about keeping the blues alive and well while also adding their own flavor and personality to it. They are a band that can make you feel something because they are feeling it with every note. As you can hear on the videos, you can't resist the urge to hoot and holler. We didn't know what to expect and boy oh boy were we surprised at what flowed from the stage. We both bought the latest CD so we can hopefully bottle that magic to take home with us. Looking forward to seeing them in action again in the future.

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